i'm as slim (140 lbs) as i am shady (anti-social)   man!  i'm stronger than a woman

how free is the mind that won't analyze behaviors and situations out of fear of being shunned by the sheeple?

if you're happy and you know it, be your man if you've esteem then do show it, be your man

this here picture was taken when i first started this website (as jaggedlittledyl.com), in 1999. i'm so queer, taking naked pictures of myself. note how i use the word 'queer' to mean 'odd' or 'derelict'.  anyway, here's the low-down:    my song parodies, like queen's "another one dies from lust" (go aids) and third eye blind's "semi-charmed masculine existence" (go queer self-esteem) are in the years in the "vaults" box under 'dylboard hits'. other titles are prince's "robotic city' (go, gay gene) and shania twain's "scams i need, i'm a woman" (go reality-morphing feminists) and how can i forget cher's "can you acheive a life without lust". ha. the videos and screenplays, under 'dylan spielberg'. the copied aol chats, 'dylinda tripp'. the shirts, 'tommy dylfiger'. the tales of my life, 'dylanis morissette'.

i know that god is venting his frustration with selective christians (liberals who say they believe and follow), through me.
so, if you think he doesn't approve of my wrath, he probably doesn't approve of your overcompassionate politics.

i've watched the former enough times in 8th grade on vhs that i actually memorized the entire thing.
i'm watching the latter twenty years later on my computer and i feel a connection as strong as the former.
this is my life.  i relate to these movies, i identify with their adolescence, after all i'm stunted at 16.

my american pie moment
my dreams all take place in high school
so i have a brain-injury...   ...i'm still a better christian than you'll ever be

a parody of van halen's 'panama' for officer krystal

you wipe that shit-eating grin off your face, you punk-ass little bitch!
i have never been a quitter

(thanks to john for taking time away from his job at iu to send this cartoon)